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The Skaggs Foundation has arranged for hospital employees to be able to order scrubs on the Scrubs On Site website using Payroll Deduction!

****SOS is Offering 10% Off All Online Orders!****

A portion of the proceeds benefits the Skaggs Foundation!

- Orders must be placed on or before April 23, 2021.
- Purchases are able to be divided over 1 or 2 pay periods.
- Shipping is free on orders over $75. It is $7.50 on under $75 purchases.

To shop the Scrubs On Site web site:

1) Print these directions, then go to www.ScrubsOnSite.com
2) Click “Sign In” at the top right
3) Log into your account - click "Forgot your password?" if your cannot remember your password.
4) If you do not have an account, click “Create a New Account” at bottom left. Then enter Email and a password.
5) You will receive an email to confirm address is valid. Follow the link to enter balance of information about you. Choose Individual rather than Company to enter your first and last name.
6) Your Account page will first appear.
a. Click the “3rd Party / Employer” link if payroll deduct purchase is desired. This is also required to receive the 10% price discount.
i. Enter “Group Billing Name” – CoxBranson (one word)
ii. Enter “Password” – SKAGGS (all caps)
iii. Enter your Employee Number
NOTE: only items added after this link will have the 10% price discount. Items added before, need to be deleted and then re-added.
7) Start Shopping:
a. If you know your scrub style number – enter it in the “Search for..” field at the top.
b. To browse by Brand, click the “Shop” menu choice at top left.
8) Place desired items into your “Cart.”
9) Once your Cart is ready, start the Checkout process.
10) In the order notes, enter your department name and location..
11) Billing Information – pay via charge card, or choose the “Payroll Deduction” option including number of pay periods for your purchase to be divided (1 or 2).
12) Your orders should ship approximately 2 weeks after your order.

Happy Shopping!

Thank you for your business and we look forward to seeing you at an on-site scrub sale later in 2021!

Pam and John