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On Site Hospital Sales

Scrubs On Site has been conducting on-site scrub sales since 2002 and is the largest on-site scrub sale company in the region. Scrubs On Site does not have a retail store - all of our energy is directed towards on-site sales. We work very hard to bring the largest selection and provide the best service. There are other companies that do what we do, but nobody does it better.

Larger selection and better service means more sales. When we take over after another company, we routinely increase sales by 25% to 50%.

We carry a large selection of Grey's Anatomy, Cherokee, Healing Hands, Landau, Med Couture, Wink, Landau, Maevn and KOI scrubs. We also carry compression socks, jackets, accessories and Klogs, Grey's Anatomy and Skechers shoes.

If your hospital has required departmental scrub colors, SOS customizes the scrubs brought to your facility. If we don’t have a needed item at the sale, we take special orders and offer free shipping.

Scrubs On Site is no cost, no set-up for the facilities where we go. Just provide us a place to hold the sale, a couple of tables and access to payroll deduction for purchases. Cash, credit/debit cards and checks are also accepted.

Give us the opportunity to show you what we can do! We are confident you will be pleased by our price, selection, and most importantly, our service. We enjoy what we do, and it shows! We look forward to hearing from you.

Please contact us (John at john@scrubsonsite.com or 913-424-3124) about a scrub sale at your facility as a fundraiser or employee benefit. We are more than happy to provide a list of references.

We want to compete for your business!